July 7th, 2012

Family Football

Pro-Flange staff and their families were treated to the Argos home opener at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, with a coach providing transportation from Cambridge. A special end-zone section on the actual field was reserved for our group of 65 people, complete with buffet and drinks! Everyone had a fun time being so close to the action, throwing around some footballs, watching the Argos put on a great show, and eating hot dogs, chicken fingers, and nachos!


April 28th, 2012
Team Building Day

Pro-Flange staff had a half-day team building session lead by a Senior Associate at RBC’s Mergers & Acquisitions Division. The concentration for the day was on awareness in communication, and how this can translate to problems with disseminating and processing of information. The games made the process fun and rewarding, and afterwards we all joined together for a quick lunch before enjoying the rest of the weekend.


September 18th, 2012
Duplex Grades

Pro-Flange has expanded its product line to include small diameter (NPS 2 – 6) Duplex flanges. The initial inventory run of forgings was exhausted faster than anticipated, and our second forging purchase tripled the total inventory. Demand continues to grow for these B16.5 flanges, and our customers continue to be impressed with the Quality and Customer Service of our products.


November 25th, 2012
Pro-Flange Grey Cup Party

Pro-Flange invited 26 customers to a special Grey Cup party hosted by Pro-Flange: hotel, tickets to the big game, and a weekend of fun, food, and revelry! The event was a great success, and Pro-Flange and friends watched from the 50 yard line 15 rows from the front as the Toronto Argonauts took Lord Grey’s Cup. The laughter-filled dinners, entertainment throughout the weekend, and the Grey Cup fever strengthed relationships all around.

December 14th, 2012
Saint Nick Strikes Again!

The Annual Pro-Flange Christmas party opted for a small and more intimate venue this year, and the decision paid dividends, as the food, the laughter, and the dancing lasted well into the night! Games were organized and provided some memorable outcomes, while Santa Claus himself paid a visit with gifts for all the little boys and girls in attendance. Most stayed over in the provided hotel rooms, tired after a great night of fun!


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